The progress of MagicMirror development is still in the early state. It is mostly a set of proofs of concept than a working solution. I’m still waiting for a .NET Core ARM release, so I spend my time on preparing architecture and infrastructure for my project. The thing that needs to be said is how I want to build the mirror. Essentially I take a Venetian mirror or a normal glass with an additional layer that will make the same effect. On the backside, I’ll install a simple…Continue Reading “Magic Mirror – the architecture”

Technology is all around us (fuck… it’s so obvious…). We have powerful machines in our pockets, we use computers and internet every minute and humanity would definitely collapse if everything would stop working now. Look at your grandparents or people in their age – even though they use a percent of all what technology gives us today, they feel like in… magic world. Look at yourself You are a developer, right? An engineer. Imagine that someone asks you to build a TV or even a…Continue Reading “Magic Mirror – a mission for 2017”